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The wedding industry is the fastest growing industry in Australia, with prices that match. The Smart Bride brings together creative, innovative solutions and wedding industry secrets that wedding vendors keep quiet for a reason. There are 201 ideas for all areas of your wedding, and just could save you thousands of dollars.

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Free wedding planning software broken down into key planning phases complete with dates and reminders. The Wedding Organiser covers 9 key areas required of any good wedding organising software including a comprehensive checklist, budget planner, guest worksheet, final guest list, supplier organiser, photo organiser, wedding day schedule and calendar.

The Smart Bride Wedding Organiser is 100% FREE!

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The Smart Bride Change of Name Kit is the original downloadable kit that is well regarded in the wedding industry and praised by all who use it.

It includes frequently asked questions about changing your name, instructions for changing your name and all the forms you need to do it and comes in a neat and tidy kit for you to download and use straight from your computer.

Changing your name is no longer along, confusing and bureaucratic process!

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